Type 44 Link Rack Cycle Display Stand

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A distinctive design for cycle display in any size of shop. Cycles rest in channels at and angle of 50 degress, giving them excellent exposure and visibility as well as saving space.The stand, which will accommodate all types and sizes of cycle, is particularly safe and stable.

Each unit comprises the cycle holding arm, the vertical support and two connecting bars. The design incorporates coupling tubes enabling long runs to be constructed.

The distance between cycle centres is 20″ although this may be reduced if required. Depth with 23″ frame cycle installed is 53″. The link-rack stand may be used as a centre display where two rows are intermeshed offering further space saving. Depth of display with 23″ frame cycles installed is approximately 76″. The stand is zinc plated with black fittings.

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The price is for a single Cycle unit, picture shows 3 Units

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